And my second post to the BPS blog 🙂


The last time that I was at the BPS Annual Meeting, I was an undergraduate and I was not present for all of the sessions. That being said, I still knew the first thing I wanted to do when I got to grad school was go back. One session I did not get to go to last time was the reception and dance. This year I was able to go and get down and boogie. That was my kind of party and if you see me walking a little stiff today just know that it’s because my calves are sore from last night. What could have made the night even better? How about a band composed entirely of Biophysical Society Members!

Working on SNARE? Now you’re a drum player!

Enjoy Single Molecule FRET? Lead guitarist!

Do you probe the intricacies of life using SAXS? Now you lead the horn section!

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