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Learn without rating gains

Here is a recent chess blog I posted over on chess.com, an interesting endgame position and two recent games of mine are included 🙂



2013 Cardinal Open


Well it’s finally time, my first chess post and I know you’re all very excited 😉 I played in the Cardinal Open this weekend, a 5-round 3-day tournament. The time control was 2 hours for the first 40 moves then 1 additional hour. That’s a pretty long time control but I actually enjoyed playing that slow compared to how much very quick chess I play online. I had already started a chess blog over the summer at Chess.com so I decided to put all my analysis there and put the link here. If you’re interested in seeing some of my games from this tournament head on over here. I ended the tournament with 4points out of 5, I didn’t lose a single game and I came in clear third in my section. It was a pretty good weekend 🙂